Welcome to the Amazing Art Society!

This is a space for all artists of all levels to explore the art world around them. If you would like to know a little more about the founder, have a look at my bio page here.


Art can save the world. Creativity is the key to designing a better future. I want to encourage the creative part of the brain so that logic and emotion can work together as equals.


Every few days a new venue is listed on this website that is displaying art for sale.

These places are often not discoverable online or in a Google search because (sit down for this you young ones) not everyone knows how to use a computer to create a website, record their events, exhibitions or art installations!

Also, there are plenty of restaurants, cafes, bars and hotels that display art without listing them online in any way!

Have a browse of the MAP to find true hidden gems of art close to you or check out my BLOG for a running commentary of what I find and a few updates on our art classes.


The Amazing Art Society unique style classes are on MeetUp here and Eventbrite here. Join our Facebook page for the updates on all events here.

Every week, an art class is held in Madrid for all levels of artists to come and meet, sketch, draw and paint whilst sharing stories and enjoying each others company.

For special occasions and events, guest artists, often discovered on this website are brought in to talk, teach and share their stories of the art world.


To join The Amazing Art Society join the Meet Up page here.

Artists that would like to be featured on this website: you must have art for sale and on display somewhere in the world. To be featured is free, please get in touch.

Venue owner that would like to have art on display, please get in touch to book an exhibition with an artist of your choice, this service is free!

To support a project, please get in touch to start a conversation.

Any questions? Check our FAQs or ask here.

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