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Welcome to the Amazing Art Society!

The Amazing Art Society, born in September 2019 is a space for all artists and creatives to meet online or in person in order to share their passion for the arts.

Life art classes, therapeutic art classes, vision board workshops, still life classes, daily and weekly doodle prompts and portraiture classes began in Madrid, Spain, led by the founder Aliya Ali.

A year on The Amazing Art Society has well over 450 members all over the world, sharing their style of artwork in group discussions, online and in person. We now have our first baby: Life is Sketchy, an illustration tour of the Albaicin in Granada created by our society member Zoe Scott.

We are a family and we support each other. We help each other grow, listen to each other and praise each other with our creative endeavours. We look forward to welcoming you into our world, it’s beautiful here.

How it Works:

We explore the art world around us together. This is a space for all creatives of all levels, from curious about art, all the way to established artists or teachers. If you would like to know a little more about the founder, have a look at Aliya’s bio page here.

It costs nothing to be part of our Society. We operate on a pay as you feel basis and have suggested donation amounts for each event. Sign up on MeetUp for updates on events, like our Facebook page to be part of our community or follow our Instagram to see what we are up to.

Amazing Art Classes

Every day, every week or every month we have something creative happening: all levels of artists meet, sketch, draw and paint whilst sharing stories, techniques and enjoying each others company.

Amazing Life Art Classes in Granada

Held every week on Thursdays. We meet at a restaurant, enjoy a 2 hour class with a live nude model, (with a 20 minute break), followed by tapas and social time if you wish to stay and chat with the other students. Aliya teaches in English and speaks more and more Spanish each day. The social afterwards is also an intercambio with an arty vibe!

Amazing Doodle A Day Challenge

During the quarantine of 2020 we created a WhatsApp Group chat to keep our social contact going and to keep our creative vibes flowing. A pompt is sent every day. If you would like to join our conversation please send you name, email address and telephone number using our contact form.

Private Art Classes

There are so many reasons why private art classes are a great idea!

  1. Personal attention means you can progress much faster in developing your skills. You accelerate your learning with one on one tuition.
  2. You are free to discuss and ask questions as the class is about your personal needs and requirements.
  3. Personalised classes are tailored to what you want to learn, no set syllabus means you can pick and choose what you want to explore.
  4. Working with a therapeutic art life coach means you are encouraged to create not only your personal style of art but also to try new techniques to find out what you really enjoy doing.
  5. Everyone learns in different ways so private art classes can be adapted to suit the way that you learn.

Amazing Events

For special occasions and events, guest artists, often discovered on this website are brought in to talk, teach and share their stories of the art world. Join us on Meetup to stay up tp date on all events.


Art can save the world. Creativity is the key to designing a better future. We want to encourage the creative part of the brain so that logic and emotion can work together as equals.


Whenever we find a new venue that is displaying art for sale it is listed on this website.

These places and exhibitions are often not discoverable online or in a Google search because many artists prefer to be at a canvas that at a computer!

Also, there are plenty of restaurants, cafes, bars and hotels that display art without listing them online in any way!

Have a browse of the MAP to find true hidden gems of art close to you or check out my BLOG for a running commentary of what I find and a few updates on our art classes.


Join The Amazing Art Society for free on MeetUp here.

Artists that would like to be featured on this website: you must have art for sale and on display somewhere in the world. To be featured is free, get in touch.

Venue owners that would like to have art on display, get in touch to book an exhibition with an artist of your choice, this service is free!

To suggest or support a project, get in touch to start a conversation.

Any questions? Check our FAQs or ask here.

Amazing Art Society
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