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The Amazing Art Society and Amazing Holistic Therapies were twins born in September 2019. A space for all artists and creatives, artistic and alternative people to meet online or in person, to share their passion for the arts.

Life art classes, therapeutic art classes, vision board workshops, still life classes, daily and weekly doodle prompts and portraiture classes began in Madrid, Spain, led by the founder Aliya Ali.

Our range of activities expanded to therapeutic yoga, movement, massage, hypnotherapy, rehabilitation support and music.

We are a family and we support each other. We help each other grow. We listen to each other and praise each other with our creative endeavours. We look forward to welcoming you into our world, it’s beautiful here.


Whether you want a personalised solo retreat or are happy to join a small group with a maximum of four participants, we offer you flexible dates and exceptional results with our therapeutic retreats. Choose from The Art of Life Design, The Art of Creative Thinking, The Art of Massage and The Art of Yoga.


You know when you have a feeling and you can’t put it into words, or, have you ever felt that you don’t know how you are feeling but you can recognise what colour it is…Aliya offers you the chance to learn how art therapy can help you explore your interior world, helping you understand yourself better. Meet yourself for the first time by showing your inside to your outside.

Definition of art therapy excerpt from Merriam-Webster Dictionary
therapy based on engagement in artistic activities (such as painting or drawing) as a means of creative expression and symbolic communication especially in individuals affected with a mental or emotional disorder or cognitive impairment
“She’s also used art therapy while working with autistic and special-needs children and patients recovering from strokes.” Cheryl Powell
“In art therapy, patients express their feelings not just through discussion, but through drawing, painting and sculpting. That’s why this type of therapy is thought to be especially helpful for people who have difficulty articulating feelings—including children and those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, strokes and post-traumatic stress disorder.” Jenny Hontz
… “Although she works toward the same goals as the psychologist or psychiatrist, as an art therapist her technique is decidedly different.” Sharon L. Bass


Art Classes are the new yoga! A creative and colourful outlet of energy into a grey world that needs your specific style. Creativity is a skill that can be learned by anyone. Being encouraged to show your own personal artistic identity, the fingerprint that is your wavelength of being and cranking your imagination up to 10 is what these classes focus on. Aliya offers a safe space for you to explore what you can do with a few guidelines on materials, and free reign on exploring your fantasies.


As we spend time together we grow closer and more social. Once you attend or take part in any of our group activities you are invited to join our online communities on the main social media sites. We have made fantastic friends with each other and we are looking forward to welcoming you to our family. Join us on Facebook in our group Amazing Amig@s and/or The Amazing Art Society on MeetUp.

Amazing Art Society
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