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A doodle a day, The Amazing Art Society

What is a doodle a day?

It’s what it sounds like! Every day we draw a doodle together. At around 11am, Aliya sends a topic to the society members, in a whatsapp chat, as a prompt for everyone in the group to doodle. On some occasions, members of The Amazing Art Society take control for a month.

The idea is that each society member spends five minutes or more on a doodle, either sketched, painted, drawn, digitally created or made through any other creative form and then, each member sends a photo of their artwork back to the group to share their interpretation of the common topic. The theme is random and accompanied by photos intended to inspire and cross the boundaries of language.

If you would like to join our group, it’s very easy!

Follow us on Instagram, post a photo of your artwork to your page, tag us and use the hashtags #AmazingArtSociety #DoodleADay

Join our Facebook Page, post a photo pf your artwork as a comment on the daily update.

If you would like to help with the running costs of the group, you can make a suggested one off donation of €5 to €500 (or more if you are feeling really generous and special!) or a suggested monthly donation of €4.

There are other ways you can contribute to our society, see the ‘How you can help page’ here.

Scroll down for more information on how this doodle a day started and what we created as a group in the first week.

Ideal members for this group are people who want to spend five minutes a day to use their brain for something creative and meditative to grow to expand their consciousness and be part of a collective of like minded people. All that from a five minute doodle? YES!

How did it start?

With the drastic change of not having weekly life art classes in Madrid and the desire to come together as a group over long distance, a daily challenge of doodling a topic came up during one of our weekly online meetups. A common topic to think about and to doodle, together as a team, but apart would be our daily connection. It was decided that every day at around 11:00 a suggestion would be made in the society Whatsapp chat. The Whatsapp group had originally been used to share details of upcoming classes, exhibitions of artists within the group and other general news. Occasionally since quarantine had started some of our members would share their artwork, however we weren’t learning or growing together like we used to at the weekly classes.

The weekly zoom calls take place every Saturday evening at 19.00 (Spanish Time). Everyone is welcome to join these online meetings. The calls take place for around 40 minutes; we share our artwork from the week, plan the goals and ideas for the coming week and see each others smiling faces, checking in on each other to keep in contact. If you would like to join the calls you can. Join our meetup group and stay up to date on events.

What happened next?

The doodle a day started for The Amazing Art society on the 19th of April 2020. It was the Sunday after the idea came to light in the online chat the previous evening.

With the permission of the society members I’m sharing with you the artworks related to each topic over the course of the first week so you can see what we created together as a group. Documented below in chronological order, it’s wonderful seeing the different interpretations of the same topic! There were other artworks shared in the chat that were not under the umbrella of the topic, I’ve shared these at the very bottom of the post.

19th April – The Letter L

The letter L inspired arrows, cupid style and abstract, a beautiful doodle of a family member making bagels, titled ‘Long Distance Love’ and even calligraphy.

20th April – Happiest memory of quarantine so far

Inspired by one of our society members with a degree in journalism, the topic of a happy, quirky or fun time during quarantine brought out a brilliant collection of memories: dogs jumping to protect a laughing owner, a birthday party, increased connection with family through calls, a pleasant surprise of a new cereal whilst our shopping and a gift of photographs of a special family member, who is no longer with us.

21th April – What is it to be human?

A big question, perhaps too big for a doodle? Not for some of our members: words not required, have a look at these strong doodles!

22nd April – Camels

After a huge question the day before, and with it being Wednesday, we celebrated the topic of Happy Hump day through camels! A birthday of a son with a mummy and son portrait in camel form, a historic drawing of a camel, a daily card created with today’s theme, a teaching resource, a camel doing yoga cartoon, a sketch of love between camels, a colourful camel transporting plants, a digital invite to the amazing art society from two camels, a depiction of a different, illegal type of camel and a blend of Earth Day and camels in a comic.

23rd April – The colour green

Brain waves syncing? By chance a painting with lots of green created the morning of the 23rd without the prompt yet… a comic about green phlegm, peace and love, a game (films with titles including the word green) and roses.

24th April – Hubble Telescope’s 30th birthday, Cosmic Doodles

Looking back in time in our history as well as the history of the universe, cosmic doodles! A universe inside the mind, watercolour with cosmic galaxy colours, an observation of the observer observed and a comic with aliens (the caption reads “It’s coming, get down!”).

25th April – The ocean

Inspired by one of our newest members, a trip to the sea! Ocean inspired doodles included a cartoon of a rescue, a painting from a tutorial (another brainwave sync?), a daily watercolour sunset, an abstract wave not completed on the day and a digital collage piece.

Other artwork shared in group over the week:

The amazing Art society is place we can share our artwork with each other. The daily prompts are only guidelines, a chance to come together whilst separated by quarantine and distance. Some of our members are scattered across the world, we have members in Spain, Portugal, Morocco, France and the United States of America so far!

Sometimes our members are working on other projects and still want to show what they have created. Below are a the pieces of art, drawings and doodles sent through that were off topic but still part of our sharing of artwork throughout the first week of our doodle challenge.

So you want to get involved?

To join our group is very easy, you can join the chat by sending me your mobile number, full name and email address here and I will add you to the group. The doodle a day challenge is free!

If you would like to help me with the running costs I have, you can make a donation (€5-€15 per month). See the ‘How you can help page’ here.

Ideal members for our group are people who have five minutes a day to use their brain for something creative and meditative to grow and expand their consciousness and be part of a collective of like minded people. All that from a five minute doodle? YES!

We look forward to welcoming you to our family.

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