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Update: 7th May 2020

Portraits, one colour- Stuck @homeArt – 29th April 2020

This it the first time I’ve created a portrait using only one shade of colour. For the full step by step how I made this have a look at this post. I used watercolour, HB pencil and ball point pen to sign.

Update: 5th May 2020

Urban Landscape – Stuck@homeArt – 29th April 2020

This it the first time I’ve drawn with a gel pen and used a HB pencil to add shading. For the full step by step how I made this have a look at this post.

Urban Landscape – Stuck@homeArt – 22th April 2020

Started this blossom tree on the 22nd of April and only finished it on the 4th of May. Using watercolour and a HB pencil, I drew from a photo and started with my style of adding texture and layers to indicate different aspects of the scene. For more information you can read a partial step by step explanation here. It’s partial as I got carried away and pushed through several steps without recording with photos as I was in my flow!

Update: 27th April 2020

Landscape – Stuck@homeArt – 20th April 2020

Another Stuck@homeArt class with the Paxton Green Time Bank. I took plenty of step by step photos of this one, when I’ve updated the post I’ll put a link to it here. I was told after, that it looked like the style of Edward Hopper, how complimentary!

Lanscape, Lake with Trees, Started 15th April, completed 20th April 2020

Peacock – 9th April 2020

I drew with my left hand some random lines and then over the course of a few days realised this magical peacock style bird. I’ll make a step by step post and put the link to it when it’s completed.

Peacock – completed 9th April 2020, started 4th April 2020

Update: 24th April 2020

When my mobile started glitching because I was running out of storage I spent a bit of time clearing op the videos and the photos! Now that they are on my laptop, it’s much easier to update this post! Since December there has been a lot of changes, I’ve moved to Granada and have painted lots whilst in quarantine. Below are a photos of the various artworks I’ve been spending my time on. When I have a step by step explanation of the creation of the artwork, I’ve pout links to the posts. Happy Arting!

Stuck@homeArt – Teddy Bears (8th April 2020)

These fluffy creations were from a class I enjoyed on a still life composition of toys. You can see the step by step explanation in my post: Aliya tries Stuck@homeArt.

Teddy Bears Picnic – Stuck@homeArt 8th of April 2020

Stuck@homeArt – Daffodils, Lemons in a bowl and Gardening Glove (1st April 2020)

The first Stuck@homeArt class was really fun! The still life composition had more items, however for the two hours I had I felt best to pick three and focus on them. You can see the step by step explanation of the creation of this technique for the daffodils here: Aliya tries Stuck@homeArt.

Daffodils, Lemons in a bowl and Gardening Glove – Stuck@homeArt 1st of April 2020

Update: 12th December 2019

Went to draw at Circulo Bellas Artes yesterday as was having one of those days. Didn’t want the pressure of a life art class so sat in the room with the still life objects. Chose a pot and a jug to draw and paint.

Still Life
Photo of the pot and the jug
Pencil Outlines
Pencil outlines
Watercolour wash
The pot nearly complete, watercolour wash on the jug
Watercolour Wash
Adding blocks of shade on the jug
Before the final touches
The photo I took before going in further on the jug. Sometimes I take a photo to have a memory of the piece before I go ahead on what I think might be a mistake. I’ve overworked pieces before so this is my way of passing the fear point; I have a photo before the expected mess up.
Still Life completed
Completed Piece! For sale and open to offers! 🙂

The comments I got from the artists sat in the same room were that I work really quickly and that I have an interesting interpretation of what I saw on the table.

I do work quickly, sometimes I want to sit for a couple of hours and finish a piece in that time. Often I start a piece and then I struggle to get back to the way I felt if I come back to it a day later or more. Some pieces are still unfinished because the moment has passed.

Artists that can spend months on a painting have, in my opinion, a strong work ethic rather than something they want to express without words.

November 5th 2019

I’m an artist. I always loved drawing. I remember when I was abut 5 or 6, I drew a life size man on pieces of paper stuck to my wall. I would draw animals all the time. I have a few of my childhood drawings still, of which you can see below, I’ll add more as I find them!

I always wanted a fish tank! I got the most beautiful tank for my 30th birthday. I had to give the fish back to the pet shop and donate the tank when I moved to Madrid. So many tears! You can see videos of my tank on my instagram page, here is one post I love in particular:

My best work has come from when I was most in pain.

The first time art really helped me with real life was when I was about 15 years old. I was lucky enough to have art therapy classes when I was hospitalised for depression. Encouraged to be able to channel my feelings into a piece of art I created my mermaid.

Taking an image I found on the internet and then painting her in oils over a period of about two weeks, I still have her with me, even after 17 years of moving house and country.

Mermaid – Oils on Canvas Board

Abstract art also helps to focus the mind and use your hands for a good use. Sometimes trying to draw a real thing is frustrating. Abstract art with colours and shapes is a healthy way to play with what is going on inside us, without having to assign it meaning, words or labels. Doodling, sketching random shapes and layering colours is something that can help pass bad times in a productive way.

SPIRALS (circa 2001)

Lucky for me my hospitalisation ended soon after I completed my GSCEs. I came off the antidepressants when I left home at 17 and thankfully I started work which kept me busy!

The next time I needed my paintbrushes was when I getting divorced. Another huge amount of stress and desperate not to be on drugs (prescribed or otherwise!) to cope with real life – I was able to channel my feelings into my watercolour animals. You can see them below. I’ve given most of them away to friends.

I have a few images and videos on my instagram, here is my bronze zebra and here is a pour painting a bit more abstract.

I like illustrating so I take a real life subject, either an animal (usually a photo from the internet) or a composition of items (taking a photo helps to put it into a 2D format). Then I draw the outlines and fill in with watercolour. The photo below is of my door stop bull gift from a friend and my salt and pepper mills.

My Home Gallery in London

Since moving to Madrid in May 2019, I have a few pieces I have brought with me for sentimental reasons. Some of them I am happy to sell, others I keep to remind me of what has happened and how I feel I can survive anything.

Listen to yourself – Canvas

Listen to yourself – Daily Practise

This canvas took a few months to create. Most days I would choose a pink or a blue sharpie. Pink for a bad day, Blue for a good day. Then I would write a message to myself , trying to look after for my future self. There are a couple guest appearances from friends that I trust and I gave permission to write on my Daily Practise. I have this is in my office/studio now and every so often I glance at it to remind myself that every day is different, bad ones follow good ones and good ones follow bad ones. Sometime all I need is a rest, or a break. Change is good. The best things take time to create. Decisions can happen in an instance. Nothing is a waste of time. A beautiful thing is never perfect.

The thing about art is it teaches us that nothing is perfect, that is why we love it.

Now I teach art. I want to be able to help people us their unwanted energy states by channeling that energy into something that can hold that pain and upset in a way that allows that person to live on. You can find out about my classes here.

The sales of my pieces fund my lifestyle where I can focus on helping others, if you would like to see any pieces in person, please send me a message so we can set up an appointment. , call 695272159 or whatsapp 00447826520059.

The freedom of imperfection is true liberation.

My Logo, Original – Watercolour, sharpie on cartridge paper – NOT FOR SALE

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