The Amazing Art Society holds regular art classes in Madrid, lessons are in English with some Spanish available. All classes can be booked through MeetUp or Eventbrite.

Life Art – nude figure drawing

Art Classes in Madrid

Almost every Saturday, from 19.00 to 21.00 in a venue in Madrid, I organise a model for us to draw for two hours. Usually we have a break of around 15 to 20 minutes in the middle to fill our glasses and chat about our sketches. After class we stay and socialise, discuss our art and share stories of our week. Sometimes we play games to have fun, other times we just chat.

Still Life – drawing objects

Art Classes in Madrid

Once a month, or if there are three or less students signed up for a life art class, I organise an alternative art class in Madrid, usually a Still Life class. I invite all students to bring an item or object they would like to add to the composition. So far we have included a beaded hummingbird key chain and a beautiful blue patterned fan. We explore techniques such as illustration, cubism and continuous line drawings. Throughout the class we can chat and after class we play card games.

Sip and Sketch – exploring wine through art

A few times over the year, we explore wine and art together in the same class. We have three beautiful wines to try and indulge in their flavours and history along with playing with how the stories affect our drawings from the themed still life.

Vision Board Workshops – Creating a Plan for Life

Once a quarter, the group meets to plan out next three months in an artistic and creative way! Vision board creation and having a strong, like-minded social circle that you can share your hopes and dreams with is something that is priceless. The technique and the science behind this brilliant life tracking tool is taught in the workshop and students are invited to continue adding to this fantastic art project in their own time.

If you would like to join us for an art class, just sign up on Meetup here.