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I am the founder of The Amazing Art Society. My mission is to help people enjoy their life, heal past traumas and experience the joy and therapeutic healing of the creative world. Living in Madrid since May 2019 after spending most of my life in London, England, I have chosen to follow my heart in love and life and focus on art, health, wellbeing and creating joy. My background is in high value and luxury sales. Now I enjoy the little things in life like the smiles on the faces of my students when I ask them to sign and date their artwork!

If you would like to know more about my previous career, you can find my professional accolades here on LinkedIn.

I have a 200 hour hatha yoga qualification, EFT and TFT Tapping Practitioner Accreditation, am a qualified Laughter Yoga Leader and am also a certified therapeutic art coach. I have full insurance cover through Balens. You can see my qualifications in this album.

I like to combine aspects of yoga and art to set an atmosphere of meditative and affirming conditions in my all my classes. I hope to see you soon for this unique approach to learning new creative skills!

If you would like to learn yoga from me, you can join my Yoga Meetup Group here or book a one on one session on my Holistic Therapies Facebook Page here.

I organise and teach art classes. Find The Amazing Art Society on MeetUp here.

My Students, 16th November 2019
Yoga Studio, One on One Classes – Madrid

Find my Facebook page here, my MeetUp here, my YouTube channel here and more Yoga Details here.

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Follow Me On : Instagram, Facebook, Twitter