Blue Monday – Banish it with your Brushes!


Today is Blue Monday, one of the most depressing days of the whole year. You can read about it here or just take my word for it.

How about combating it with your artwork? I often turn to my paint brushes and bright colours when I need to focus on something other than the reality I am presented with.

I choose to spend my time doing things which bring me happiness and joy as there are far too many tasks, people and tv shows that want to rob you of your time and your positivity.

Put pencil to paper, sketch something from life and then change it into something magical.

For example, my salt and pepper-mill cats and the bull door-stop are a sweet collection of useful animals. I find it easier to draw from a photo sometimes so I placed my friends together, took a photo and started sketching in my book with a 2B pencil.

Step by Step Illustration

As always, any mistakes, I leave them in as a reminder that we all fail sometimes and it’s not actually a big deal in the end. Notice the bull has two tails from where I had to move it.

After I’m happy with the composition, I start to add the colour, in this instance with water colours.

Layers and panels help to bring the painting to life and slowly but surely my focus becomes clearer on the present moment and the practise of creating.

Adding a background can be one of the most imaginative aspects of a painting. Often people start with a back ground however I don’t often know when I want to place my subjects until I meet them in colour. I also want my subject in the foreground to be free from pencil marks of the landscape.

Inspired by the friend that gave me the bull, I chose to place my painted friends in a the desert. Looking at a few images on Google helped me to add the Hand of the Desert in Chile to the background and I chose the time of day to depict. apparently it’s most beautiful there at night time when you can see the stars.

The reason I’m sharing this illustration technique with you is to offer you a way out of the Blue Monday of January, a way to banish any negative fogginess with your brushes.

Happy Arting. xx

En-guard Blue Monday! You are Banished by the power of the Paintbrush!

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