A Doodle a Day from The Amazing Art Society

A doodle a day, The Amazing Art Society

What is a doodle a day?

It’s what it sounds like! Every day we draw a doodle together. At around 11am, Aliya sends a topic to the society members, in a whatsapp chat, as a prompt for everyone in the group to doodle. The idea is that each society member spends five minutes or more on a doodle, either sketched, painted, drawn, digitally created or made through any other creative form and then, each member sends a photo of their artwork back to the group to share their interpretation of the common topic. The theme is random and accompanied by photos intended to inspire and cross the boundaries of language.

If you would like to join our group, it’s very easy!

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If you would like to help with the running costs of the group, you can make a suggested one off donation of €5 to €500 (or more if you are feeling really generous and special!) or a suggested monthly donation of €4.

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Scroll down for more information on how this doodle a day started and what we created as a group in the first week.

Ideal members for this group are people who want to spend five minutes a day to use their brain for something creative and meditative to grow to expand their consciousness and be part of a collective of like minded people. All that from a five minute doodle? YES!

How did it start?

With the drastic change of not having weekly life art classes in Madrid and the desire to come together as a group over long distance, a daily challenge of doodling a topic came up during one of our weekly online meetups. A common topic to think about and to doodle, together as a team, but apart would be our daily connection. It was decided that every day at around 11:00 a suggestion would be made in the society Whatsapp chat. The Whatsapp group had originally been used to share details of upcoming classes, exhibitions of artists within the group and other general news. Occasionally since quarantine had started some of our members would share their artwork, however we weren’t learning or growing together like we used to at the weekly classes.

The weekly zoom calls take place every Saturday evening at 19.00 (Spanish Time). Everyone is welcome to join these online meetings. The calls take place for around 40 minutes; we share our artwork from the week, plan the goals and ideas for the coming week and see each others smiling faces, checking in on each other to keep in contact. If you would like to join the calls you can. Join our meetup group and stay up to date on events.

What happened next?

The doodle a day started for The Amazing Art society on the 19th of April 2020. It was the Sunday after the idea came to light in the online chat the previous evening.

With the permission of the society members I’m sharing with you the artworks related to each topic over the course of the first week so you can see what we created together as a group. Documented below in chronological order, it’s wonderful seeing the different interpretations of the same topic! There were other artworks shared in the chat that were not under the umbrella of the topic, I’ve shared these at the very bottom of the post.

19th April – The Letter L

The letter L inspired arrows, cupid style and abstract, a beautiful doodle of a family member making bagels, titled ‘Long Distance Love’ and even calligraphy.

20th April – Happiest memory of quarantine so far

Inspired by one of our society members with a degree in journalism, the topic of a happy, quirky or fun time during quarantine brought out a brilliant collection of memories: dogs jumping to protect a laughing owner, a birthday party, increased connection with family through calls, a pleasant surprise of a new cereal whilst our shopping and a gift of photographs of a special family member, who is no longer with us.

21th April – What is it to be human?

A big question, perhaps too big for a doodle? Not for some of our members: words not required, have a look at these strong doodles!

22nd April – Camels

After a huge question the day before, and with it being Wednesday, we celebrated the topic of Happy Hump day through camels! A birthday of a son with a mummy and son portrait in camel form, a historic drawing of a camel, a daily card created with today’s theme, a teaching resource, a camel doing yoga cartoon, a sketch of love between camels, a colourful camel transporting plants, a digital invite to the amazing art society from two camels, a depiction of a different, illegal type of camel and a blend of Earth Day and camels in a comic.

23rd April – The colour green

Brain waves syncing? By chance a painting with lots of green created the morning of the 23rd without the prompt yet… a comic about green phlegm, peace and love, a game (films with titles including the word green) and roses.

24th April – Hubble Telescope’s 30th birthday, Cosmic Doodles

Looking back in time in our history as well as the history of the universe, cosmic doodles! A universe inside the mind, watercolour with cosmic galaxy colours, an observation of the observer observed and a comic with aliens (the caption reads “It’s coming, get down!”).

25th April – The ocean

Inspired by one of our newest members, a trip to the sea! Ocean inspired doodles included a cartoon of a rescue, a painting from a tutorial (another brainwave sync?), a daily watercolour sunset, an abstract wave not completed on the day and a digital collage piece.

Other artwork shared in group over the week:

The amazing Art society is place we can share our artwork with each other. The daily prompts are only guidelines, a chance to come together whilst separated by quarantine and distance. Some of our members are scattered across the world, we have members in Spain, Portugal, Morocco, France and the United States of America so far!

Sometimes our members are working on other projects and still want to show what they have created. Below are a the pieces of art, drawings and doodles sent through that were off topic but still part of our sharing of artwork throughout the first week of our doodle challenge.

So you want to get involved?

To join our group is very easy, you can join the chat by sending me your mobile number, full name and email address here and I will add you to the group. The doodle a day challenge is free!

If you would like to help me with the running costs I have, you can make a donation (€5-€15 per month). See the ‘How you can help page’ here.

Ideal members for our group are people who have five minutes a day to use their brain for something creative and meditative to grow and expand their consciousness and be part of a collective of like minded people. All that from a five minute doodle? YES!

We look forward to welcoming you to our family.

Sumi-e At Taller La Griega with Teofanú Calzada

Teachers need teaching too!

I want to share with you a workshop I went to at my friend Carmen La Griega’s artist studio. Carmen invited Teofanú Calzada to run this exclusive workshop. You can see all the details here: https://tallerlagriega.com/cursos-y-horarios-2020/


Eastern Asian style ink painting has a name and that name is Sumi-e, pronounced (Soo-Mi- Eh). This technique is something I had never tried before. I have seen this style often in prints in Japanese and Chinese artworks but I had no idea about the creation or specialised technique that was being displayed.

Monochromatic images are created using the brush to make shapes and impressions of the form of the subject. It looks very simple and is very effective. There are strong aspects of it as an extension of calligraphy.

Ando Hiroshige – famous for the The Great Wave

I thought as I have plenty of experience with watercolours I would find this class easy. I was wrong. Perhaps it was a little tricky as the class was given in Spanish language so maybe I didn’t catch all the instructions. It was my fault, I had thought my grasp of the language would be sufficient, but really the specific words in the art vocabulary were not in my range. Next time I will ask for more guidance in english as there was plenty of time to ask for help.

Anyway, three quarters into the class when I started painting with my own techniques Teofanú Calzada tutor came over and showed me a few sumi-e techniques and explained in English, I caught up enough to be able to find a flow in this new style I was there to learn!


There is a balance that can come from understanding that the brush has a mind or energy of its own, just as much as I have a mind and energy of my own. When I give power to the brush as an equal, rather than a tool to do my bidding, we, together can make something beautiful. Sumi-e for me was the learning curve that as an artist I need to trust my body and my tools. I must switch my mind off to allow the brush and my body to show me something more than I am capable of imagining.


The table set up

When I arrived at the studio, the table was set up beautifully. The ink blocks were laid carefully on a plate, offered up next to a stand with the special Japanese paint brushes hanging like ornaments. Each student had their own ink holder, a dark grey almost black dish made of stone with a reservoir for the ink. There was also a small shallow plate to test the blackness of the ink, a brush, the class overview and a small glass of water were ready for each of us. And as you can see below a lot of tissue to mop up spills or use to blot the brushes when they were too wet.

The ink blocks on a stand, decorated with Japanese writing and pictures.

We spent the first 15 minutes of the class making our ink. We were shown how to pour a little of the water in to the ink holder, then carefully and with time, we ground the ink block into the water on the shallow area of the well. In Spanish I caught that we needed to put our intention into the process of making our ink. It seemed to be very therapeutic to spend time preparing this black liquid.

When the ink was ready, we started with all the practises of making leaves, orchids, chrysanthemums and something to do a with a Phoenix. I will ask more questions about this in the future!

I was so engrossed in my artwork, I didn’t take the break in the middle of the class! I also didn’t take many pictures during the class although I did manage to take a video towards the end when I had completed my final piece – an art work on proper sumi-e paper displaying all the techniques we had learnt in the class.

A video of us all painting

At the end we chose our favourite pieces, either the final piece or something from the practise session, to display on the mirror so we could all appreciate each other’s styles.

The final exhibition of our collective artworks!
My final painting to show all the techniques I learnt at the workshop

I loved this class. It was challenging and exciting. There were parts I wanted to burst into angry tears because of my frustration (I thought the brush was broken – it wasn’t broken, I was disconnected from it) and then there were parts I was floating in a world of flow where me, the ink and the brush were making something cosmic.

I’ve discovered there is plenty I don’t know and I am now becoming an intrepid explorer into the far east, packing just my paintbrush and leaving my expectations of myself at home.

I’m going again, if you would like to join me, book directly with Carmen by calling her or emailing her: tel: (+34) 655 17 43 59  –  (+34) 914 29 61 07 or email: carmenlagriega@gmail.com

Pink and Black Orchids, Sumi-e Feb 2020

Amazing Art Society in Madrid, art classes by brilliant teachers.

Life Art Classes In Madrid

What is it Life Art?

Simply explained, Life Art is nude figure drawing. A model poses for a set amount of time so that artists can practise drawing the human body.

Join us and see our calendar of events on MeetUp or Facebook.

When, Where and With Who?

Members of the Amazing Art Society meet almost every Saturday, from 19.00 to 21.00 in a venue in Madrid. The venue changes so keep updated by joing our group on MeetUp.

The class is relaxed with constant tuition and updates on time left in each pose. The two hours includes a 15 minute break to stretch, compare artwork and chat.

After class we stay and socialise, discuss our art and share stories of our week. Sometimes we play games to have fun, other times we just chat.

I had a wonderful experience doing one of the events with Amazing Art Society. It was fun, engaging, and I learned a lot! Definitely do one of Aliya’s events, you’ll enjoy it a lot! She’s knowledgeable, well-prepared and makes sure everyone has a great time. Looking forward to another one.


Blue Monday – Banish it with your Brushes!

Today is Blue Monday, one of the most depressing days of the whole year. You can read about it here or just take my word for it.

How about combating it with your artwork? I often turn to my paint brushes and bright colours when I need to focus on something other than the reality I am presented with.

I choose to spend my time doing things which bring me happiness and joy as there are far too many tasks, people and tv shows that want to rob you of your time and your positivity.

Put pencil to paper, sketch something from life and then change it into something magical.

For example, my salt and pepper-mill cats and the bull door-stop are a sweet collection of useful animals. I find it easier to draw from a photo sometimes so I placed my friends together, took a photo and started sketching in my book with a 2B pencil.

Step by Step Illustration

As always, any mistakes, I leave them in as a reminder that we all fail sometimes and it’s not actually a big deal in the end. Notice the bull has two tails from where I had to move it.

After I’m happy with the composition, I start to add the colour, in this instance with water colours.

Layers and panels help to bring the painting to life and slowly but surely my focus becomes clearer on the present moment and the practise of creating.

Adding a background can be one of the most imaginative aspects of a painting. Often people start with a back ground however I don’t often know when I want to place my subjects until I meet them in colour. I also want my subject in the foreground to be free from pencil marks of the landscape.

Inspired by the friend that gave me the bull, I chose to place my painted friends in a the desert. Looking at a few images on Google helped me to add the Hand of the Desert in Chile to the background and I chose the time of day to depict. apparently it’s most beautiful there at night time when you can see the stars.

The reason I’m sharing this illustration technique with you is to offer you a way out of the Blue Monday of January, a way to banish any negative fogginess with your brushes.

Happy Arting. xx

En-guard Blue Monday! You are Banished by the power of the Paintbrush!

I will be having an exposition of my work in the next few months, please follow me on Facebook and Instagram here for more news.

If you would like to attend one of my art classes you can find me on Eventbrite and Meetup.

For Private Art Classes in my studio, send me a message.

The Four Houses – Vision Board Technique (2020)

Due to the success and positive feedback from the vision board classes held in January, I thought you might like to know a little bit more about what it was all about! I will be holding one of these workshops every month from now on. If you have already been to a Four Houses Technique Workshop, please comment on this post with your thoughts and feel free to come back to a class, to update your board in good company any time you like!

I did a vision board workshop with Aliya which was fantastic. Aliya is absolutely lovely and I look forward to participating in more of her workshop. 1000% recommendable 😍💖😊

Charlotte Cotton – World Champion Mountain Runner 2019

2020 – it begins!

January was host to a fantastic run of three workshops for The Amazing Art Society’s unique vision board technique called The Four Houses.

Based on a way to compartmentalise the four aspects of a balanced life: Health, Connections, Career and Energy Charge, we saw our students plan their boards using their cognitive skills and then furnish their vision board with their creative skills!

Anyone that has ever wondered how to bring more focus and clarity to their life would benefit from spending a few hours with this technique of therapeutic art.


The workshop includes the learning of the concept of The Four Houses and a start on arranging and attaching images to the vision board. There is a week allocated to keep working on the boards and then encouragement to share the final board created for 2020, 7 days after the workshop took place. I am so proud of my students! Success has already occurred for a few with dance classes, new romantic partners and work opportunities already showing up in my students lives!

Here are some of the completed boards!


Imagine you have four houses in your life. Each house is where you go to spend your time when you want different things. For example, when you want to relax on the beach, you go to your house on the coast. Or when you want to complete lots of work, you go to your private office building. Imagine what impact you could create in your life if you could use this compartmentalisation technique to make your vision board true to your life goals.


Health: You go to this imaginary house when you want to focus on your health. Filled with your favourite gym equipment, maybe a pool because you love to swim, a spinning studio or a steam room and hot tub, this imaginary palace will have everything you enjoy in it, keeping you in good physical and metal health. This house will have a kitchen with the most delicious food you love to eat and that you know is good for you. It is important to focus on healthy options that you enjoy so that you like to visit this house. Furnish it with good habits, good choices and think about who you would like to invite to spend time with you here. In your vision board make sure to use images that reflect these choices.

Career: Firstly, ask yourself, are you happy with your industry and your current projected career? If yes, then the next question is: What do you need to do to be seen as an expert in your field? How can you progress and what steps do you need to take in order to feel like an expert? In other words, how can you be the best example to someone new coming into your work place or industry? If you answered ‘no’ to the ‘are you happy’ question, then start to think about why you don’t enjoy the work anymore. Think about if it is the people around you that have caused this feeling (you could keep the same job but work for another company) or, if it is time to move into a different industry that you feel will be better suited to your new goals for the future. Ask yourself what your career options are. Can you transfer your skills to something else you could enjoy? Use images on your board that display the actions you need to take as well as images that capture what it would be to have achieved these goals.

Connections: This house is your social house, this is where your best friends, family, peers, mentors and trusted confidants live or visit you. What kind of people do you want to be connected with and supported by? It is very important to be open to understanding that you may need to shed some relationships that no longer benefit you. This will make space for the new people that you want to come into your life and for existing relationships to deepen in the way you want. For example, if you want to make friends who are energetic and love nature, then you are likely to meet them in hiking groups. If you want to meet people who enjoy playing video games, you are more likely to meet them online. Go where these people are and you will make these new connections Think about where these types of people are and make sure to focus on using images that capture this in your vision board.

Energy Charge: This is the house you visit when you want to recharge your batteries. This is your play house! Not only when you want to take a break from your career, connections or health, this house has been created in your mind for you to enjoy being you. The question is: What do you do that is not for money, not for status, not because of obligation, not for any purpose or reason, apart from, it makes you happy? This house is to be full of your favourite toys, hobbies and past times. When you spend time in this house, you get to rest your brain from the other parts of your life that require effort into the external environment. This is very important to keep your brain happy and healthy!

If you have any questions or would like more clarification, please get in touch.


Take an A4 piece of paper and quarter it. Label each quarter with a house name: health, career, connections and energy charge. Ask yourself the questions in each explanation above. Take your time to use your imagination to create the best possible outcome. Play with your imaginary lottery winnings and really explore the positive options in order to shed your inhibitions and break out a version of your self, free from doubts and with a free spirit. You are invited to imagine anything you want!

When you have completed your written plan, start searching through the images you have collected and make sure to match words and ideas to the images you want to place on your vision board. This is where you may notice how easy it is to be attracted to images that are nothing to do with your plan! Stay on track and set aside any images that do not appear to correspond to your plan, you can do something different with these in the future.

When you’ve collected around half the images you think you will need, take a larger piece of paper to make your vision board on, I use A3 tracing paper. Start to arrange the images that are in line with words and ideas on the plan, onto the second piece of paper to make a nice layout.

When you are sure every concept written on the plan has a corresponding image on the vision board, stick everything to the second page, NOT ON THE PLAN ITSELF. At the end of the exercise, you will have an image vision board which reflects the plans for your Four Houses that is bursting with the energy you want to have in the coming year as well as your written plan to keep on the back side of your board.

Tape the written plan to the back of your board so when you want reminding of what each image represents to you, it is close to hand. Place your vision board somewhere you can see it everyday.

The Four Houses Vision Board Technique, The Amazing Art Society Unique Art Classes


The beginning of a year is always a good time to make plans. Whenever the seasons change is a good time to make plans. Whenever you have a really bad day is probably the most brilliant time to sit down and plan a better future for yourself. Basically any time you really want to take control of your life, do this exercise.

I will be holding a Four Houses Vision Board class every month. You can see the most up to date news on events here.


If you would like to know more about me, have a look at my bio.

The Amazing Art Society Studio, Embajadores, Madrid

If you appreciate the information in this post and would like to make a donation to the Amazing Art Society, you can! Just click the link below and help us to keep sharing this kind of knowledge. All amounts welcome, nothing is too small. Thank you very much. Every cent goes towards our future, helping as many people as possible through therapeutic art forms like this.