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Update: 7th May 2020

Portraits, one colour- Stuck @homeArt – 29th April 2020

This it the first time I’ve created a portrait using only one shade of colour. For the full step by step how I made this have a look at this post. I used watercolour, HB pencil and ball point pen to sign.

Update: 5th May 2020

Urban Landscape – Stuck@homeArt – 29th April 2020

This it the first time I’ve drawn with a gel pen and used a HB pencil to add shading. For the full step by step how I made this have a look at this post.

Urban Landscape – Stuck@homeArt – 22th April 2020

Started this blossom tree on the 22nd of April and only finished it on the 4th of May. Using watercolour and a HB pencil, I drew from a photo and started with my style of adding texture and layers to indicate different aspects of the scene. For more information you can read a partial step by step explanation here. It’s partial as I got carried away and pushed through several steps without recording with photos as I was in my flow!

Update: 27th April 2020

Landscape – Stuck@homeArt – 20th April 2020

Another Stuck@homeArt class with the Paxton Green Time Bank. I took plenty of step by step photos of this one, when I’ve updated the post I’ll put a link to it here. I was told after, that it looked like the style of Edward Hopper, how complimentary!

Lanscape, Lake with Trees, Started 15th April, completed 20th April 2020

Peacock – 9th April 2020

I drew with my left hand some random lines and then over the course of a few days realised this magical peacock style bird. I’ll make a step by step post and put the link to it when it’s completed.

Peacock – completed 9th April 2020, started 4th April 2020

Update: 24th April 2020

When my mobile started glitching because I was running out of storage I spent a bit of time clearing op the videos and the photos! Now that they are on my laptop, it’s much easier to update this post! Since December there has been a lot of changes, I’ve moved to Granada and have painted lots whilst in quarantine. Below are a photos of the various artworks I’ve been spending my time on. When I have a step by step explanation of the creation of the artwork, I’ve pout links to the posts. Happy Arting!

Stuck@homeArt – Teddy Bears (8th April 2020)

These fluffy creations were from a class I enjoyed on a still life composition of toys. You can see the step by step explanation in my post: Aliya tries Stuck@homeArt.

Teddy Bears Picnic – Stuck@homeArt 8th of April 2020

Stuck@homeArt – Daffodils, Lemons in a bowl and Gardening Glove (1st April 2020)

The first Stuck@homeArt class was really fun! The still life composition had more items, however for the two hours I had I felt best to pick three and focus on them. You can see the step by step explanation of the creation of this technique for the daffodils here: Aliya tries Stuck@homeArt.

Daffodils, Lemons in a bowl and Gardening Glove – Stuck@homeArt 1st of April 2020

Update: 12th December 2019

Went to draw at Circulo Bellas Artes yesterday as was having one of those days. Didn’t want the pressure of a life art class so sat in the room with the still life objects. Chose a pot and a jug to draw and paint.

Still Life
Photo of the pot and the jug
Pencil Outlines
Pencil outlines
Watercolour wash
The pot nearly complete, watercolour wash on the jug
Watercolour Wash
Adding blocks of shade on the jug
Before the final touches
The photo I took before going in further on the jug. Sometimes I take a photo to have a memory of the piece before I go ahead on what I think might be a mistake. I’ve overworked pieces before so this is my way of passing the fear point; I have a photo before the expected mess up.
Still Life completed
Completed Piece! For sale and open to offers! 🙂

The comments I got from the artists sat in the same room were that I work really quickly and that I have an interesting interpretation of what I saw on the table.

I do work quickly, sometimes I want to sit for a couple of hours and finish a piece in that time. Often I start a piece and then I struggle to get back to the way I felt if I come back to it a day later or more. Some pieces are still unfinished because the moment has passed.

Artists that can spend months on a painting have, in my opinion, a strong work ethic rather than something they want to express without words.

November 5th 2019

I’m an artist. I always loved drawing. I remember when I was abut 5 or 6, I drew a life size man on pieces of paper stuck to my wall. I would draw animals all the time. I have a few of my childhood drawings still, of which you can see below, I’ll add more as I find them!

I always wanted a fish tank! I got the most beautiful tank for my 30th birthday. I had to give the fish back to the pet shop and donate the tank when I moved to Madrid. So many tears! You can see videos of my tank on my instagram page, here is one post I love in particular:

My best work has come from when I was most in pain.

The first time art really helped me with real life was when I was about 15 years old. I was lucky enough to have art therapy classes when I was hospitalised for depression. Encouraged to be able to channel my feelings into a piece of art I created my mermaid.

Taking an image I found on the internet and then painting her in oils over a period of about two weeks, I still have her with me, even after 17 years of moving house and country.

Mermaid – Oils on Canvas Board

Abstract art also helps to focus the mind and use your hands for a good use. Sometimes trying to draw a real thing is frustrating. Abstract art with colours and shapes is a healthy way to play with what is going on inside us, without having to assign it meaning, words or labels. Doodling, sketching random shapes and layering colours is something that can help pass bad times in a productive way.

SPIRALS (circa 2001)

Lucky for me my hospitalisation ended soon after I completed my GSCEs. I came off the antidepressants when I left home at 17 and thankfully I started work which kept me busy!

The next time I needed my paintbrushes was when I getting divorced. Another huge amount of stress and desperate not to be on drugs (prescribed or otherwise!) to cope with real life – I was able to channel my feelings into my watercolour animals. You can see them below. I’ve given most of them away to friends.

I have a few images and videos on my instagram, here is my bronze zebra and here is a pour painting a bit more abstract.

I like illustrating so I take a real life subject, either an animal (usually a photo from the internet) or a composition of items (taking a photo helps to put it into a 2D format). Then I draw the outlines and fill in with watercolour. The photo below is of my door stop bull gift from a friend and my salt and pepper mills.

My Home Gallery in London

Since moving to Madrid in May 2019, I have a few pieces I have brought with me for sentimental reasons. Some of them I am happy to sell, others I keep to remind me of what has happened and how I feel I can survive anything.

Listen to yourself – Canvas

Listen to yourself – Daily Practise

This canvas took a few months to create. Most days I would choose a pink or a blue sharpie. Pink for a bad day, Blue for a good day. Then I would write a message to myself , trying to look after for my future self. There are a couple guest appearances from friends that I trust and I gave permission to write on my Daily Practise. I have this is in my office/studio now and every so often I glance at it to remind myself that every day is different, bad ones follow good ones and good ones follow bad ones. Sometime all I need is a rest, or a break. Change is good. The best things take time to create. Decisions can happen in an instance. Nothing is a waste of time. A beautiful thing is never perfect.

The thing about art is it teaches us that nothing is perfect, that is why we love it.

Now I teach art. I want to be able to help people us their unwanted energy states by channeling that energy into something that can hold that pain and upset in a way that allows that person to live on. You can find out about my classes here.

The sales of my pieces fund my lifestyle where I can focus on helping others, if you would like to see any pieces in person, please send me a message so we can set up an appointment. , call 695272159 or whatsapp 00447826520059.

The freedom of imperfection is true liberation.

My Logo, Original – Watercolour, sharpie on cartridge paper – NOT FOR SALE

A Doodle a Day from The Amazing Art Society

A doodle a day, The Amazing Art Society

What is a doodle a day?

It’s what it sounds like! Every day we draw a doodle together. At around 11am, Aliya sends a topic to the society members, in a whatsapp chat, as a prompt for everyone in the group to doodle. The idea is that each society member spends five minutes or more on a doodle, either sketched, painted, drawn, digitally created or made through any other creative form and then, each member sends a photo of their artwork back to the group to share their interpretation of the common topic. The theme is random and accompanied by photos intended to inspire and cross the boundaries of language.

If you would like to join our group, it’s very easy!

Join our Whatsapp Chat: send your mobile number, full name and email address here.

Follow us on Instagram, post a photo of your artwork to you page, tag us and use the hashtags #AmazingArtSociety #DoodleADay

Join our Facebook Page, post a photo pf your artwork as a comment on the daily update.

If you would like to help with the running costs of the group, you can make a suggested one off donation of €5 to €500 (or more if you are feeling really generous and special!) or a suggested monthly donation of €4.

There are other ways you can contribute to our society, see the ‘How you can help page’ here.

Scroll down for more information on how this doodle a day started and what we created as a group in the first week.

Ideal members for this group are people who want to spend five minutes a day to use their brain for something creative and meditative to grow to expand their consciousness and be part of a collective of like minded people. All that from a five minute doodle? YES!

How did it start?

With the drastic change of not having weekly life art classes in Madrid and the desire to come together as a group over long distance, a daily challenge of doodling a topic came up during one of our weekly online meetups. A common topic to think about and to doodle, together as a team, but apart would be our daily connection. It was decided that every day at around 11:00 a suggestion would be made in the society Whatsapp chat. The Whatsapp group had originally been used to share details of upcoming classes, exhibitions of artists within the group and other general news. Occasionally since quarantine had started some of our members would share their artwork, however we weren’t learning or growing together like we used to at the weekly classes.

The weekly zoom calls take place every Saturday evening at 19.00 (Spanish Time). Everyone is welcome to join these online meetings. The calls take place for around 40 minutes; we share our artwork from the week, plan the goals and ideas for the coming week and see each others smiling faces, checking in on each other to keep in contact. If you would like to join the calls you can. Join our meetup group and stay up to date on events.

What happened next?

The doodle a day started for The Amazing Art society on the 19th of April 2020. It was the Sunday after the idea came to light in the online chat the previous evening.

With the permission of the society members I’m sharing with you the artworks related to each topic over the course of the first week so you can see what we created together as a group. Documented below in chronological order, it’s wonderful seeing the different interpretations of the same topic! There were other artworks shared in the chat that were not under the umbrella of the topic, I’ve shared these at the very bottom of the post.

19th April – The Letter L

The letter L inspired arrows, cupid style and abstract, a beautiful doodle of a family member making bagels, titled ‘Long Distance Love’ and even calligraphy.

20th April – Happiest memory of quarantine so far

Inspired by one of our society members with a degree in journalism, the topic of a happy, quirky or fun time during quarantine brought out a brilliant collection of memories: dogs jumping to protect a laughing owner, a birthday party, increased connection with family through calls, a pleasant surprise of a new cereal whilst our shopping and a gift of photographs of a special family member, who is no longer with us.

21th April – What is it to be human?

A big question, perhaps too big for a doodle? Not for some of our members: words not required, have a look at these strong doodles!

22nd April – Camels

After a huge question the day before, and with it being Wednesday, we celebrated the topic of Happy Hump day through camels! A birthday of a son with a mummy and son portrait in camel form, a historic drawing of a camel, a daily card created with today’s theme, a teaching resource, a camel doing yoga cartoon, a sketch of love between camels, a colourful camel transporting plants, a digital invite to the amazing art society from two camels, a depiction of a different, illegal type of camel and a blend of Earth Day and camels in a comic.

23rd April – The colour green

Brain waves syncing? By chance a painting with lots of green created the morning of the 23rd without the prompt yet… a comic about green phlegm, peace and love, a game (films with titles including the word green) and roses.

24th April – Hubble Telescope’s 30th birthday, Cosmic Doodles

Looking back in time in our history as well as the history of the universe, cosmic doodles! A universe inside the mind, watercolour with cosmic galaxy colours, an observation of the observer observed and a comic with aliens (the caption reads “It’s coming, get down!”).

25th April – The ocean

Inspired by one of our newest members, a trip to the sea! Ocean inspired doodles included a cartoon of a rescue, a painting from a tutorial (another brainwave sync?), a daily watercolour sunset, an abstract wave not completed on the day and a digital collage piece.

Other artwork shared in group over the week:

The amazing Art society is place we can share our artwork with each other. The daily prompts are only guidelines, a chance to come together whilst separated by quarantine and distance. Some of our members are scattered across the world, we have members in Spain, Portugal, Morocco, France and the United States of America so far!

Sometimes our members are working on other projects and still want to show what they have created. Below are a the pieces of art, drawings and doodles sent through that were off topic but still part of our sharing of artwork throughout the first week of our doodle challenge.

So you want to get involved?

To join our group is very easy, you can join the chat by sending me your mobile number, full name and email address here and I will add you to the group. The doodle a day challenge is free!

If you would like to help me with the running costs I have, you can make a donation (€5-€15 per month). See the ‘How you can help page’ here.

Ideal members for our group are people who have five minutes a day to use their brain for something creative and meditative to grow and expand their consciousness and be part of a collective of like minded people. All that from a five minute doodle? YES!

We look forward to welcoming you to our family.

Sumi-e At Taller La Griega with Teofanú Calzada

Teachers need teaching too!

I want to share with you a workshop I went to at my friend Carmen La Griega’s artist studio. Carmen invited Teofanú Calzada to run this exclusive workshop. You can see all the details here:


Eastern Asian style ink painting has a name and that name is Sumi-e, pronounced (Soo-Mi- Eh). This technique is something I had never tried before. I have seen this style often in prints in Japanese and Chinese artworks but I had no idea about the creation or specialised technique that was being displayed.

Monochromatic images are created using the brush to make shapes and impressions of the form of the subject. It looks very simple and is very effective. There are strong aspects of it as an extension of calligraphy.

Ando Hiroshige – famous for the The Great Wave

I thought as I have plenty of experience with watercolours I would find this class easy. I was wrong. Perhaps it was a little tricky as the class was given in Spanish language so maybe I didn’t catch all the instructions. It was my fault, I had thought my grasp of the language would be sufficient, but really the specific words in the art vocabulary were not in my range. Next time I will ask for more guidance in english as there was plenty of time to ask for help.

Anyway, three quarters into the class when I started painting with my own techniques Teofanú Calzada tutor came over and showed me a few sumi-e techniques and explained in English, I caught up enough to be able to find a flow in this new style I was there to learn!


There is a balance that can come from understanding that the brush has a mind or energy of its own, just as much as I have a mind and energy of my own. When I give power to the brush as an equal, rather than a tool to do my bidding, we, together can make something beautiful. Sumi-e for me was the learning curve that as an artist I need to trust my body and my tools. I must switch my mind off to allow the brush and my body to show me something more than I am capable of imagining.


The table set up

When I arrived at the studio, the table was set up beautifully. The ink blocks were laid carefully on a plate, offered up next to a stand with the special Japanese paint brushes hanging like ornaments. Each student had their own ink holder, a dark grey almost black dish made of stone with a reservoir for the ink. There was also a small shallow plate to test the blackness of the ink, a brush, the class overview and a small glass of water were ready for each of us. And as you can see below a lot of tissue to mop up spills or use to blot the brushes when they were too wet.

The ink blocks on a stand, decorated with Japanese writing and pictures.

We spent the first 15 minutes of the class making our ink. We were shown how to pour a little of the water in to the ink holder, then carefully and with time, we ground the ink block into the water on the shallow area of the well. In Spanish I caught that we needed to put our intention into the process of making our ink. It seemed to be very therapeutic to spend time preparing this black liquid.

When the ink was ready, we started with all the practises of making leaves, orchids, chrysanthemums and something to do a with a Phoenix. I will ask more questions about this in the future!

I was so engrossed in my artwork, I didn’t take the break in the middle of the class! I also didn’t take many pictures during the class although I did manage to take a video towards the end when I had completed my final piece – an art work on proper sumi-e paper displaying all the techniques we had learnt in the class.

A video of us all painting

At the end we chose our favourite pieces, either the final piece or something from the practise session, to display on the mirror so we could all appreciate each other’s styles.

The final exhibition of our collective artworks!
My final painting to show all the techniques I learnt at the workshop

I loved this class. It was challenging and exciting. There were parts I wanted to burst into angry tears because of my frustration (I thought the brush was broken – it wasn’t broken, I was disconnected from it) and then there were parts I was floating in a world of flow where me, the ink and the brush were making something cosmic.

I’ve discovered there is plenty I don’t know and I am now becoming an intrepid explorer into the far east, packing just my paintbrush and leaving my expectations of myself at home.

I’m going again, if you would like to join me, book directly with Carmen by calling her or emailing her: tel: (+34) 655 17 43 59  –  (+34) 914 29 61 07 or email:

Pink and Black Orchids, Sumi-e Feb 2020

Amazing Art Society in Madrid, art classes by brilliant teachers.


Art Class in Madrid

Thank you to everyone over the past few months who have made the group such a fantastic place for me to be. I love teaching art, I love helping people find their artistic character and helping people flow into what they feel is the right way of doing things, for them!

Thank you very much to The James Joyce Irish Pub for hosting our last class of the year and providing an awesome space for us to party afterwards.

Thank you to Kushuro for the space we have been holding our classes in since October.

In THREE MONTHS we have gone from 0 to:

  • over 370 members across the groups
  • 12 events (classes and parties)
  • made 3 new models in Madrid
  • helped 2 new artists exhibit their work for the first time
  • sold artwork, never exhibited before
  • featured over 50 artists in Madrid on the website

Next year I have some plans for us to grow, to change and to evolve our group into something even more special, but I can’t do it on my own! I need your help to do this!

Here’s what you can do if you want to help The Amazing Art Society grow:

  1. Leave a review on the Facebook page HERE
  2. Make sure you join the MeetUp Group HERE
  3. Follow us on Instagram HERE
  4. Share your artwork on social media using the hashtag #AmazingArtSociety

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Can you think of someone that would benefit from having their artwork featured on this website or might enjoy coming to an art class, please tell them about us!

The Amazing Art Society has worked purely on word of mouth, help us grow and make a difference to peoples lives. Thank you so much for your time and see you in 2020.


To round up the year, The Amazing Art Society had their last class of 2019 and our first ever Christmas Party on the 15th of December!

Special guests for the class were the students themselves! A portraiture class, complete with home made ruff (fluffy collar) completely exhausted our drawing skills for two hours and then we got to wind down and get into the festive spirit with a glass of wine, nachos and a few special guest artists!

Party Photos!

The Class Photos!

Happy Christmas and wishing you a colourful and creative 2020!!


Laughter Yoga Madrid

I am so excited to tell you I have a great collaboration happening with the AWESOME and INCREDIBLE Carmen La Greiga!

Carmen has kindly offered me her studio space to run my Laughter Yoga workshop in. A visual artist, Carmen creates art and finds time to teach art to adults and children, in Spanish and English.

You can find her studio in Madrid’s website here, her art on these websites here and here and on Instagram here.

I’m so grateful to be working with her, linking Art and Movement of the body for health and wellbeing purposes!


Laughter is the best medicine! We’ve all heard the phrase but do we make time for this natural, magical elixir or do we take our health too seriously!

I’ve made a FREE 2 hour workshop, combining traditional hatha, ashtanga and yin yoga practises with the energising and health boosting laughter yoga! Sign up on MeetUp here!


Laughter yoga, was the invention of medical doctor Dr Madan Kataria and supported by his wife Madhuri Kataria they started the laughter movement in a Mumbai Park in 1995. Now there are thousands of laughter clubs in more than 100 countries. – I want to make a new club here in Madrid!

Simple, pure and natural laughter has been scientifically proven to reduce levels of stress hormones such as cortisol and epinephrine in the blood. Just 15 minutes of continuous laughter has many health benefits!

You can see the Laughter University website here.


Anyone can come to this workshop. No previous yoga experience required, no sense of humour is needed. If you find it difficult to laugh then this is a workshop you really need to come to. It’s for your own good!

How to enjoy the workshop best:

  1. Comfortable clothes – no tight jeans or formal shirts, something like pyjamas acceptable!
  2. A smile – we will give you one of ours to borrow if you forget yours.
  3. Something to lay down on (towel, blanket or yoga mat).
  4. Childlike attitude – we can provide one for you on the day.


The workshop will be held in The Greek workshop (Taller La Griega), Calle de Fúcar, 4, 28014, Madrid, SPAIN.

Closest metro is Esatación de Arte or Sol.
Bus Routes 6 (Desamparados), 27 and 34 (Prado-Atocha), 32 (Neptuno).


Sunday 1st December 2019, workshop starts at 11am.

Please arrive 10-20 minutes before the class so we can arrange the space to fit us all. Remember, we are here to have fun, allow yourself the most fun by coming early to settle in and start comfortably!


You can’t enjoy life if you are sick.

Laughter Yoga strengthens the immune system which not only prevents
you from falling ill, but also helps to heal a variety of conditions like hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, depression, arthritis, allergies, asthma, bronchitis, backache, insomnia, fibromyalgia, migraine headaches, menstrual disorders, cancer and many others.


Here is some HARD SCIENCE that backs up these health claims:

In a 2014 study on the effect of laughter Yoga on general health among nursing students:

Conclusions: The findings showed that laughter Yoga had a positive effect on students’ general health and improved the signs of physical and sleep disorders, lowered anxiety and depression, and promoted their social function. Therefore, laughter Yoga can be used as one of the effective strategies on students’ general health.


In a 2017 study on the effect of laughter yoga exercises on anxiety and sleep quality in patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease:

Conclusion: The results of the present study demonstrate that laughter yoga exercises can reduce anxiety and improve sleep quality in patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease. As a result, laughter yoga exercises may be beneficial as a complementary therapy with standard treatment methods to reduce anxiety and improve sleep quality in patients with Parkinson’s.


BUSINESS LEADERS: In 2016 on QUARTZ – a website for global news and insights for a new generation of business leaders – an article:

Clinical findings support claims that mirth, genuine or otherwise, has positive physical, physiological, and psychological effects. Laughter is associated with improved heart rate and immune system function, lowered blood pressure, reduced stress hormone production, increased salivary flow, and elevated pain tolerance. Whether or not people are really feeling gleeful, the body responds positively to the act of laughing, which can then induce actual relaxation and feeling of wellbeing.


A 2019 article on the website Help Guide – a non profit mental health and wellness website, this article explains the benefits of laughter. Written by Lawrence Robinson, Melinda Smith, M.A., and Jeanne Segal, Ph.D.

Find your inner child. Pay attention to children and try to emulate them—after all, they are the experts on playing, taking life lightly, and laughing at ordinary things.
Laughing with my friend Aisha in Egypt

One of my favourite reads is this study as is has an example of a laughter prescription:

We propose that laughter prescriptions might contain detailed information as to the frequency, intensity, time, and type of laughter (forming the useful mnemonic “FITT”), much like pharmacological prescriptions and exercise prescriptions. This format aims to give patients clear and easy-to-remember guidelines. It is also a way to present laughter in a serious manner. When prescribing laughter, it would be of utmost importance to individualize the recommendations, taking into consideration the patient’s own sense of humor and willingness to engage in new activities, such as laughter yoga.

SOURCE: See below for the prescription:
  • An example of a laughter prescription:
  •  (F) Frequency: once a week
  •  (I) Intensity: belly laughing
  •  (T) Time: 30 minutes
  •  (T) Type: your favorite sit-com
I don’t know these people but they look happy!

If you are still unconvinced a more extensive list of studies is available here.


I really hope you can come along and start something fun and healthy with me. I teach yoga, art, emotional freedom (EFT and TFT) and now I hope to teach you how to have a good laugh at yourself, your problems and just how ridiculous some things that we worry about are.

I’m not a medical doctor. If you have any health concerns, speak to your doctor, however I have full insurance for teaching yoga and I promise to look after you.

I’m not your guru or a magical being that can solve all your problems – YOU ARE.

Take back control of your life – laugh and the world laughs with you.

If you have any questions, please ask!

Join us:

Launch Party – Amazing Art Society, Kushuro GastroBar – Photos and Details

Updated 19th October 2019

Artists With the Artwork on display. From Left to Right: Maletsatsi Monareng, Tara McDermott, Aliya Ali, Nanja Wierda

The Artwork and Artists:

You may recall the invitation to attend the unveiling of three artists work at the Peruvian GastroBar Kushuro at the start of October, below are the photos from the night and of the free art class that took place, the first of many more to come for the Amazing Art Society.

Thank you to everyone who came to support the artists, the bar and the Amazing Art Society!

All the hard work it took to put the event together paid off with some amazing results:

  • Over 30 pieces of art installed in a few hours.
  • New art never seen in public before finally on display.
  • Private Gallery created in a new bar.
  • First Art Class for the Amazing Art Society.

If you are suffering from massive FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) right now, don’t worry! You can visit the bar and still see the artwork as they will be on display until the 9th of November 2019. You can find out more details of the exhibition here.

The artists and I! From Left to Right: Aliya Ali, Maletsatsi Monareng, Tara McDermott, Nanja Wierda

The Amazing Art Society Class

Creation Station: Art Supplies for the Sip and Sketch Art Class

The Art Class was a great success! I asked Sabrina to model for us with short poses at the beginning, 2 and 5 minutes poses to loosen the artists hands and build confidence at putting pencil to paper. We had four of the same pose, from different angles in order to study the form of a woman from different perspectives.

Longer, seated poses followed the break when everyone could refill their glasses. Drawing is thirsty work! At the end of the class Sabrina signed a few of the drawings and we all went back upstairs to start the party!

If you would like to attend an Amazing Art Society class in the future, join me on MeetUp here and sign up to our next event!

Our Beautiful Model Sabrina and I

The Party Starts!

After the art class, the music started and the party began! We had a meet and greet with the artists. Cosy groups of visitors sat and chatted together on the terrace and there were many trips up and down the stairs to view the artwork in the private space. Many smiles and many laughs!

All in all, it was great evening, lots of hard work and lots achieved with a small and dynamic team!

If you are interested in displaying your artwork, attending an art class or just have a question, please feel free to send me a message to start a conversation: / 695 272 159

First Published 30th September 2019 –

There is great news and great progress for! I am hosting my first Art Class in Madrid!

I’ve made a Meetup Group, Amazing Art Society. Please join to receive updates on new classes coming throughout the year. Also have a browse of the other MeetUp groups I have created.

For the FREE art class on the 9th of October, you can join the Meetup event here.

We are also having a party to celebrate the opening of Kushuro on the same day. If you want to come along to the party only, without reserving a space in the art class, please join the event on Facebook here.

Kushuro is minutes away from the famous Reina Sofía Museum of Art and the grand Atocha Station. It’s been open for only a few months and I am so happy to be helping create the launch party now!

A quick run down of the schedule: Come to the bar from 6pm for dinner, 7pm to 9pm enjoy the FREE Art Class, then stay as long as you like. Keep in mind that there will be a party atmosphere with a DJ!

Please share the news, events and groups with your friends. Feel free to join us to celebrate with us whilst trying something different!

Lots of love, Aliya

Paseo de Santa María de la Cabeza, 32, local 4, 28045 Madrid

Amazing Art Society – Sip and Sketch – MADRID

I have created a Meetup group for artists (new and experienced) to meet up, sip, sketch and talk with each other.

You can find the link to the group here. Please join the group and sign up for the event on the 8th of October 2019.

The class is freeJOIN HERE

This is a group for English speaking people to sip and sketch, improve your drawing skills, try new techniques and meet like minded people.

The venue is to be decided based on numbers, I will update the group the week before (will be Centro Madrid). I will be changing the venue as and when the group grows. Each venue will be one that is featured on this website, or is looking to display art! I aim to get a model for us to draw, otherwise I will create an interesting class with an unusual theme.

Keep up to date with details in the Meetup group.JOIN HERE

Please bring your own materials – I recommend an A4 sketch book, pencils, ball point pens and colour pencils or crayons. Some materials will be available to buy on the day, cash only please. Feel free to bring friends – add them to your RSVP or send/share the link for them to join on Meetup.

The class will start at 19.00, you can arrive before to settle in and prepare your seat, your drink and your materials. We will have a short meet and greet as well as an overview of the class for 10 minutes, draw for 50 mins, have a 15 minute break and then draw for 30 mins. The final 15 minutes is to share and discuss the pieces we have created.

I feel it’s important to discuss and show our work to each other so that we can learn from each other and appreciate each others styles, techniques and challenges. More often than not, we share the same insecurities and we can help each other!

After class we can stay in the venue for more time as we wish, come meet arty people and try something new!

Looking very much forward to meeting you all!

Lots of Love Aliya.

Venues Looking for Art to Display – Opportunity!

Hola, I have two venues looking to display art. Once you have pieces on display I will make a post for your artwork and add it to this website.

Kushuro Gastrobar: Paseo de Santa María de la Cabeza, 32, local 4, 28045 Madrid Facebook/Website here.

The vibe is beach and fresh. Peruvian origin looking to display artwork. Prime location walking distance from Reina Sofia. Send me a message if you want to be introduced to the owner.

Café del Teatro: Calle Moratines, 13, 28005 Madrid Website/Facebook here.

Theatrical vibe with dark walls and romantic lights. Close to many theatres, closest metro Embajadores. Send me a message if you want to be introduced to the owner.

It would be super helpful to everyone involved in this project, if you visit please can you say that you found the place on this website: Amazing Aliya, so that we can see that this project DOES help connect people together.

Sería muy útil para todas las personas involucradas en este proyecto, si al visitar un local recomendado por nosotros, menciones que lo encontraste en nuestro sitio web:, para que podamos ver cómo este proyecto está ayudando a conectar a la gente.

Submissions Form – Venue & Artist

It’s official, I’ve completed the form that helps the venue and the artist submit their pieces for sale!

If you have a venue or are an artist with pieces on display that are for sale, please use this page or share it with someone you would like to help.

I’ve made a page here that looks like this:

If you would like to be featured on please click the link below and use the form to send us your details so we can make you a post!


It’s really easy and it’s free! If you would like to show your gratitude, please share the page in your socials and tell everyone about this site and service to help us grow!

You will need to have permission from the venue and the artist to be featured on the site.

The form allows us to collect the details we need: names, addresses, links to social media accounts and also allows you to upload photographs for us to use in the post.

Once the form has been submitted and if all the details are easy to use, a post will be made and published. You will be told when it has gone live either by email, Instagram tag or Instagram message.

If you have any questions or want to tell us of an improvement to the form, the site or your post, email us :



I would like some help please / ¡Nos gustaría tener tu ayuda!


¡Nos gustaría tener tu ayuda!

Necesito ayuda con un proyecto y me gustaría que contribuyas si puedes y quieres

Si has leído mi articulo anterior “The Journey Begins” te darás cuenta de que este proyecto comenzó en mi cabeza hace unos 2 meses. Cuando a mediados de Junio del 2019, hice una oferta para comprar una vieja cochera que se había convertido en almacén de comida, con la idea de transformarla en una galería que apoyase a los artistas con un espacio para exhibir su obra, para brindarles guía para hacer ventas (o coaching de ventas) y crecer su negocio, que además fuese un espacio para enseñar yoga. Quería crear un espacio en donde gente de toda clase pudiese venir a compartir sus ideas y su tiempo, haciendo cosas que amamos:  relajándonos con asanas o pintando cuadros, cosas que hacen bien al alma.

Finalmente mi oferta ni siquiera llegó al dueño de la cochera/garaje porque se consideró demasiado baja para presentársela, aunque al hacerla se tomó en cuenta que el espacio necesita un techo nuevo y tiene moho negro. Quería crear un espacio seguro y limpio para que incluso los niños pequeños pudieran tomar clases de yoga y arte….pues el espacio aún sigue en venta: , el moho negro está empeorando, y aunque pasa el tiempo sigue enlistado en propiedades a la venta, sin ser considerado.

Sin embargo, me siento bien al respecto, porque mi idea de ayudar a la gente ha evolucionado a algo diferente: Este sitio de internet. Después de dar un paseo en el parque con una amiga y su perro, y conversar francamente sobre lo que hizo que su negocio se viniera abajo -el costo de mantenimiento de sus instalaciones a pesar de que tenía buenos de ingresos- me di cuenta de que los negocios con más éxito como Amazon, Uber, Ebay, etc… no son propietarios de nada, sino que más bien se enfocan en reunir a compradores y vendedores en un solo lugar. Así que decidí cambiar mi enfoque hacia crear un sitio de internet útil, que mostrase una red completa de espacios y locales que ya estuvieran exhibiendo y vendiendo obras de arte, en vez de construir mi propio espacio. Pensé que así podía ayudar a más gente y no solo mirar por mi misma. Me encantaría vender mi arte a miles de personas otra vez, pero prefiero ayudar a otros a vender el suyo para que podamos ayudarnos mutuamente y aprender unos de otros.

Una de mis piezas, vertido acrílico sobre lienzo – Se AGOTÓ completamente / PIEZA ÚNICA

Eventualmente quisiera crear una aplicación a la que todo el mundo tuviese acceso, que tenga un mapa y que muestre todos los restaurantes, bares y cafés que tengan arte a la venta y estén cerca de donde estés, para que puedas dar un paseo, tomar una bebida o algo de picar y mirar las obras de arte únicas que tienen en exhibición. Si te gusta, puedes adquirirlo ahí mismo y llevártelo a casa.

Aquí es donde necesito tu ayuda. El tipo de espacio que quiero presentar en este sitio y con el tiempo en la aplicación, son muy difíciles de encontrar por internet. Puede que tengan su propia página en internet, o estén en Tripadvisor, pero no se especifica si actualmente exhiben o tienen arte a la venta.

Si conoces algún espacio que esté exhibiendo o vendiendo arte y piensas que les gustaría aparecer aquí en Amazing Aliya, por favor ayúdanos a ponernos en contacto. Yo he comenzado la búsqueda en Madrid, ya que puedo hacerlo personalmente, pero la meta es que este sitio sea verdaderamente Internacional. Así que, si quieres ayudar por favor manda un correo a o también puedes mandarme la ubicación del espacio e iré a investigar si me fuera posible.

En este momento estoy trabajando en un formulario para que los espacios y artistas lo rellenen, y puedan tener su propia página que muestre en donde se ubican, y lo que tienen a la venta. Mi meta es llegar a tener 100 espacios y locales en Madrid para Marzo del 2019. Hasta ahora tenemos 11, así que si quieres aportar algo importante al mundo del arte, por favor contribuye.

Con mucho amor, Aliya


I need help with this project and I want to ask YOU to contribute if you can and would like to. 

If you read my previous post The Journey Begins you’ll be aware that this project started in my mind about 2 months ago. In mid June 2019, it started with me putting an offer on an old garage turned food storage space, with the idea that I would turn it into a gallery, supporting artists with an exhibition space, providing sales coaching and mentoring and also a space to teach yoga. I wanted to make a space where people of all walks of life could come and share their ideas and time, doing things that we loved – chilling out with paints or asanas, things that are good for the soul.

The offer wasn’t put forward to the owner of the space as it was considered too low to even consider however it took into account that the space needed a new roof and has black mould. I wanted to make a clean safe space for even little children to come to yoga and art classes… the space is still for sale now and the black mould is getting worse… And as time passes, it sits on the property shelf.

I feel ok about it though, the idea of helping people evolved into something a bit different: this website. After a walk in the park with a friend, her dog and a frank discussion about what contributed to her business going under: monthly costs for premises – regardless of money coming in. That conversation helped me realise that if the top businesses that are doing well; Amazon, Uber, Ebay, don’t actually own anything and focus mainly on bringing the buyers and sellers together in one space, I decided to change track and focus in on building a useable website that shows a network of venues already exhibiting and selling artwork rather than making my own space. I felt this would help more people rather than focusing in on my own personal gain. As much as I’d love to sell my artwork for thousands again, I’d rather help others sell theirs so we can all help and learn from each other.

One of my pieces, acrylic pour on canvas – SOLD OUT / UNIQUE PIECE

Eventually I want an app that anybody can open, shows a map of where you are and where the restaurants, bars and cafes around you are that are selling art so that you can go for a walk, order something to eat or drink and browse the unique artwork on display. If you like it, then you can take it home with you right there and then. 

This is where I need your help. These places I want to feature on the website and then in time the app, are really difficult to find online. They may have websites for the restaurant part or are on trip advisor, however it’s not shown online who is showing and selling art.

If you know of a space that is showing or selling art and you think they might like to be featured here on Amazing Aliya, please put us in contact. I’ve started in Madrid as I can walk and search around here in person, however I want this site to be truly international. So, to help, please email me directly on or comment the location and I will go and investigate if I can. 

Right now I’m making a submissions form for venues and artists to fill in and return so I can make a page for them that shows where they are and what is for sale.

My goal is to have 100 venues in Madrid by March 2019. So far I have about 11 so if you want to be part of something that is really important for the art world, please do get involved. 

Lots of Love, Aliya