Kushuro: Paseo de Santa María de la Cabeza, 32, local 4, 28045, Madrid


Paseo de Santa María de la Cabeza, 32, local 4, 28045 Madrid

Exhibiting Nanja Wierda, Maletsatsi Monareng, Tara McDermott – Exhibition Ended Dec 2019

Nanja Wierda, creator of Bananarty

Prices starting from €27.50 in this selection. Prints in various sizes available on request. Photography of Mixed Media.

Nanja’s style is fun and uplifting! The technique is also very clever, drawing on the bananas and then taking photographs of them in special and hilarious situations! Special Commissions are possible on request.

Thanks go to Rus Hughes for this photo: http://www.rushughes.com/

Maletsatsi Monareng

Prices starting from €40 up to €130, in this selection. Weaving with textiles.

Maletsatsi creates truly stunning Wall Hangings made out of natural fibres including Silk, Merino Wool and Cotton. Each piece is unique and is a bundle of bright colours and fluffy textures, wanting to be stroked and touched! These tactile pieces of art would make any home feel more cosy and cultured.

Thanks go to Rus Hughes for this photo: http://www.rushughes.com/

Tara McDermott

Prices starting from €30 without frames up to €165 with frames in this selection.

Tara’s pieces are set in an imaginary world: Tizzyville: The topsy-turvy, fairy-tale chasing, neon-cowboy-country-swampland where dreams you never had come true! Pop Tart Top Dog is nothing but original.

Gallopgallop! Bang! Bang! €165 with frame

In Summary:

You can find the website for the restaurant Kushuro here.

You can find Nanja Wierda‘s, creator of Bananarty, website here, Instagram here and Facebook here.

You can find Maletsatsi Monareng‘s, Instagram here or email her directly : dandelionweaving@gmail.com

You can find Tara McDermott‘s, Instagram here and website here.

As always, photographs don’t do the pieces justice so please visit and have a look for yourself. Thank you so much for reading this far and happy art hunting!

It would be super helpful to everyone involved in this project, if you visit please can you say that you found the place on this website: Amazing Aliya, so that we can see that this project DOES help connect people together.

Sería muy útil para todas las personas involucradas en este proyecto, si al visitar un local recomendado por nosotros, menciones que lo encontraste en nuestro sitio web: AmazingAliya.com, para que podamos ver cómo este proyecto está ayudando a conectar a la gente.

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