La Chulapa en Mayrit: Calle del Doctor Fourquet, 37, 28012 Madrid


Exhibiting Sylvia and Victor: Winners of the Photography Contest, Rincones de Lavapies.

Calle del Doctor Fourquet, 37, 28012 Madrid

You can find the restaurant La Chulapa en Mayrit’s website here.

It looks like the company FICASA has created some interesting blogs about Lavapies to show potential home hunters what the area is like. You can find the blog post for the exhibition here and the Lavapies City Blog here.

These are photographs in frames and with the reflections of the light, my photos don’t do them justice! Please visit and have a look for yourself. Thank you so much for reading this far and happy art hunting!

It would be super helpful to everyone involved in this project, if you visit please can you say that you found the place on this website: Amazing Aliya, so that we can see that this project DOES help connect people together.

Photography in Madrid

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