La Fiambrera: Calle del Pez, 7, 28004, Madrid


Calle del Pez, 7, 28004 Madrid

AWESOME UPDATE: Our next big show will be “Ava, Ava”, by Josh Agle (Shag). Shag in person will fly from California for the opening party / reception, Oct 25th, 19h-21h. Please mark in your calendar!

La Fiambrera Gallery 6/10/19

First Discovered this Gallery 26th September 2019

Exhibiting Many Artists – including Danny Heller, Shag (Josh Agle), Toxicómano Callejero, Sonia Pulido, Ramón Maiden, Shepard Fairey-OBEY in this selection.

What really is impressive about this gallery is the downstairs space. Vaulted brick arches span a larger than you expect space, bigger than the upstairs / street level shop floor, it is a cavern of artistic wonders. I am so glad I got to visit an awesome, very hidden gem in the art world.

You can find the La Fiambrera gallery’s Website here, Instagram here, Facebook here, Twitter here and Pinterest here.

You can find the artists Instagrams here: Danny Heller, Shag, Toxicómano Callejero, Sonia Pulido, Ramón Maiden, Shepard Fairey-OBEY

If you would like to see the bios for all the artists on display in the gallery, look here.

It would be super helpful to everyone involved in this project, if you visit please can you say that you found the place on this website: Amazing Aliya, so that we can see that this project DOES help connect people together.

Sería muy útil para todas las personas involucradas en este proyecto, si al visitar un local recomendado por nosotros, menciones que lo encontraste en nuestro sitio web:, para que podamos ver cómo este proyecto está ayudando a conectar a la gente.

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