Art Class in Madrid

Thank you to everyone over the past few months who have made the group such a fantastic place for me to be. I love teaching art, I love helping people find their artistic character and helping people flow into what they feel is the right way of doing things, for them!

Thank you very much to The James Joyce Irish Pub for hosting our last class of the year and providing an awesome space for us to party afterwards.

Thank you to Kushuro for the space we have been holding our classes in since October.

In THREE MONTHS we have gone from 0 to:

  • over 370 members across the groups
  • 12 events (classes and parties)
  • made 3 new models in Madrid
  • helped 2 new artists exhibit their work for the first time
  • sold artwork, never exhibited before
  • featured over 50 artists in Madrid on the website

Next year I have some plans for us to grow, to change and to evolve our group into something even more special, but I can’t do it on my own! I need your help to do this!

Here’s what you can do if you want to help The Amazing Art Society grow:

  1. Leave a review on the Facebook page HERE
  2. Make sure you join the MeetUp Group HERE
  3. Follow us on Instagram HERE
  4. Share your artwork on social media using the hashtag #AmazingArtSociety

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Can you think of someone that would benefit from having their artwork featured on this website or might enjoy coming to an art class, please tell them about us!

The Amazing Art Society has worked purely on word of mouth, help us grow and make a difference to peoples lives. Thank you so much for your time and see you in 2020.


To round up the year, The Amazing Art Society had their last class of 2019 and our first ever Christmas Party on the 15th of December!

Special guests for the class were the students themselves! A portraiture class, complete with home made ruff (fluffy collar) completely exhausted our drawing skills for two hours and then we got to wind down and get into the festive spirit with a glass of wine, nachos and a few special guest artists!

Party Photos!

The Class Photos!

Happy Christmas and wishing you a colourful and creative 2020!!

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