Life Art Classes In Madrid


Our founder Aliya is now based in Granada see our most recent events here: Life Art in Granada

If you are based in Madrid we highly recommend attending life art classes with Carmen La Griega. Carmen teaches in English and Spanish and we trust her to look after you if it is your first time drawing or if you are a experienced artist.

What is it Life Art?

Simply explained, Life Art is nude figure drawing. A model poses for a set amount of time so that artists can practise drawing the human body.

Join us in Granada and see our calendar of events on MeetUp or Facebook.

When, Where and With Who?

Members of the Amazing Art Society used to meet almost every Saturday, from 19.00 to 21.00 in a venue in Madrid. The venue changed occasionaly so keep updated by joining our group on MeetUp.

The class is relaxed with constant tuition and updates on time left in each pose. The two hours includes a 15 minute break to stretch, compare artwork and chat.

After class we stay and socialise, discuss our art and share stories of our week. Sometimes we play games to have fun, other times we just chat.

I had a wonderful experience doing one of the events with Amazing Art Society. It was fun, engaging, and I learned a lot! Definitely do one of Aliya’s events, you’ll enjoy it a lot! She’s knowledgeable, well-prepared and makes sure everyone has a great time. Looking forward to another one.


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