Mama Inés Cafe: Calle de Hortaleza, 22, 28004, Madrid

Mama Ines Cafe: Calle de Hortaleza, 22, 28004, Madrid
Mama Inés Cafe: Calle de Hortaleza, 22, 28004, Madrid

Exhibiting Christian Vega & Javier Melus

Christian Vega

Prices from €450 in this selection. Mixed Media, Canvas, Glass, Arcylic, Print, Spray Paint.

Mama Ines Cafe: Calle de Hortaleza, 22, 28004, Madrid
My favourite is the Merman.

You can find Christian Vega’s Facebook here and Instagram here. Vega Arte on Instagram here.

Direct contact details for Christian (0034)616595582,

I love these continuous line drawings, at this scale they are super very impressive! The bold block colour shapes add another layer of depth which helps the viewer integrate an understanding of the character of the subject, perhaps a display of an aura? The face blacked out with just the eye gives a sense of privacy and anonymity. Very stylish!

Javier Melus

Prices from €750 in this selection.

Mama Ines Cafe: Calle de Hortaleza, 22, 28004, Madrid
Right: €750

You can find Javier Melus’s Facebook here, Instagram here and website here.

Direct contact details for Javier are (0034)607903914,

It’s clear that Javier’s style is full on pop art through the ages. The iconic super heroes, cartoon legends and even modern heroes like the minions means that his art attracts fans of all ages. Bright colours, busy compositions and large scale formats become an exciting addition to any wall.

Mama Inés Cafe

You can find the cafe on Trip advisor here, Facebook here, Instagram here. Their website is here.

I first discovered this cafe in early 2019. I was visiting a friend and we went on a date here! The cafe are serious about their coffee and were not happy we had walked in with our Starbucks drinks! A moment later their coffee arrived followed by a fantastic breakfast. I don’t remember if they had art when I first visited, perhaps that’s an indication of how the date was going!

This time, I stumbled across the cafe again whilst helping another friend promote her latte infusions…another story for another time. This time I was delighted to see the artwork up on the walls! The exposed brick a perfect compliment to the glass fronted pieces, shiny and rough surfaces allowing the contrast of textures to amplify the colours. Visit and enjoy!

It would be super helpful to everyone involved in this project, if you visit please can you say that you found the place on this website: Amazing Aliya, so that we can see that this project DOES help connect people together.

Sería muy útil para todas las personas involucradas en este proyecto, si al visitar un local recomendado por nosotros, menciones que lo encontraste en nuestro sitio web:, para que podamos ver cómo este proyecto está ayudando a conectar a la gente.

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