Loja Sierra


December 6th 2021 – January 6th 2022

Imagine sitting by a fire, drinking wine, eating grilled delights, enjoying the peace and quiet that comes from spending time in the Spanish countryside. During the day there is plenty of delicious food, plenty of private mountain surrounding us for to walk in and you have your own space to relax in. At night time, we set the fire, grill our dinner, Christmas songs (if requested) are playing softly and you are in your most cosy pyjamas. Your bed is made warm with hot water bottles and is ready for you for when you are feeling sleepy. You sleep soundly and wake up without an alarm maybe to the smell of coffee and maybe just with the light. There is nothing to do and nowhere you need to be.

You are free to be.

This is what we are offering you from December 6th 2021 to January 6th 2022.

Sometimes a retreat needs to be soft and steady. No sunrise yoga, unless requested, no detox, unless requested and no strenuous activities like finding your one true purpose or soul’s destiny; just simple good company and lots of time and space to look at the sunset. You might find that just by doing nothing in particular, you will have those special moments of inspiration.

Where: Our 3 bedroom traditional Spanish cottage is in the mountains of Loja, 55 minutes from Granada City or 55 minutes from Malaga Airport. We have no neighbours close by, we have a pool if you want to try Wim Hof style swimming (December is cold as we are at a high altitude) and best of all, we have 20,000 square meters of private mountain for you to play in. Collection and drop off within Granada City is available as well as collection and drop off from Loja train station.

What: Aliya creates an ideal atmosphere of being at home, the type of home that you want, with the care you would want from your hosts. Included in the price of your stay is all food and drinks consumed at home, your accommodation and travel to and from the finca for excursions. If you like, we will go shopping together for food so you can choose exactly what you would like to eat, or feel free to go with our recommendations of locally grown food that is in season. We will have board games, creative projects to play with or we can organise local excursions such as horse riding, hiking through the local mountains or even visiting the beach which is only 50 minutes away.

When: From December 6th 2021 to January 6th 2022, you can book up to one month’s stay with us. Minimum stay is 4 days as that is the amount of time you will need to really de-stress, relax and reset.

Why: The idea was formed in December 2020 when travel restrictions were super strict and we had to make do with the people close by. We had a fantastic time putting in the effort to make our Christmas as special as it could be.

Guests came to stay, when they left, they left as family.

Extras: Aliya is a qualified yoga professor, Thai masseuse, therapeutic art coach and is training to become a clinical hypnotherapist. You are welcome to book a range of therapies to enjoy during your stay. For an idea of what is available you can look at this.

Rooms: We have two twin bedrooms, one with twin single beds and one with two double beds (one inside a super starry nook). There are two bathrooms at the property. If you would like your own room, speak to us and we can arrange a supplement package for your stay.

How to book:
Get in contact
Whatsapp: 00447826520059
Email: hello@amazingartsociety.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AmazingAliyaArt

Once we hear from you, we will call you have a chat about your retreat. After we have got to know each other a little bit, we will send you an intake form asking you to confirm what you would like to be doing with us whilst you are here. Once your stay has been arranged including the activities you will be taking part in, we will ask for a 50% deposit of the price of your stay. Once we have received your signed intake form and your deposit you will be sent your booking conformation.

The best thing about planning your future is you get to be in control.

See you soon and lots of love,

Aliya xx

Until March 2021, early bird prices start from €40 per day per person with a minimum stay of 4 days, for the maximum stay of one month, €800 is our early bird price.
From April 2021 prices will be €60 per day or one month at €1200.