Sala De Art Raval: Carrer d’Elisabets 3, 08001, Barcelona


Carrer d´Elisabets 3 , 08001 , Barcelona , Spain

Exhibiting Norbert Rauch and Lorenze Ekegren

Prices from €30, more prices available directly from gallery.

Norbert Rauch

Norbert was sitting in the gallery when I visited, putting even more detail into some of his art pieces on his desk. I asked permission to share his work on my website and he replied “Do what you like!”

Norbert Rauch, sitting working on his artwork in the gallery

I got the impression as long as he could work on his art, he didn’t mind what was going on around him. Seems like an artist!

I love his style of work: if Klimt had painted what a circuit board looks like, you would have a grasp as to what these detailed striking pieces are in real life. Vivid colours, many details and characters I want to meet! Norbert is Austrian.

Lorenze Ekegren

Swedish artist with a highly detailed vision of views across cityscapes or landscapes, particularly the Sagrada Familia local to Barcelona. Each pieces is crammed with detail, brick by brick of paving, flicks of hair on a head, window panes all present and accounted for. These pieces are truely mesmerising. Well worth a visit to see in person.

Unique Pieces For Sale
Large Canvas, approximately 120cm by 150cm – Artist To Be Updated

You can find the website for Sala De Art Raval here, Instagram page here and their Facebook page here.

You can find Norbert Rauch’s website here or email directly:

You can find Lorenze Kengren’s Instagram here, Facebook Page here, or email them directly :

As always, photographs don’t do the pieces justice so please visit and have a look for yourself. Thank you so much for reading this far and happy art hunting!

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Sería muy útil para todas las personas involucradas en este proyecto, si al visitar un local recomendado por nosotros, menciones que lo encontraste en nuestro sitio web:, para que podamos ver cómo este proyecto está ayudando a conectar a la gente.

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