Art can help the most broken soul repair itself.

Kintsugi: the golden repair. Said to be more beautiful than before

There are no errors or mistakes in the creation of art, there is only playing with time and perception. The creation of art can set our subconscious free. We can then observe it and uncovering new parts of ourselves.

Allowing your spirit to design your life is one of the most powerful creative expressions you can undertake. Creating solutions to the most beautiful questions such as “what makes me feel healthy, happy, connected and with purpose” can be a turning point for a life to change and evolve into one of beauty and joy.

Mandalas are probably the most ancient form of artwork known to humankind. By creating a circular pattern, we allow ourselves to focus completely on a fixed point. This rests the whole mind and allows for a spiritual reset to occur.


My mum and I had a really amazing time with Aliya! She helped us focus so much and really push forward with personal goals and plans for the future. It was so lovely to be around the warmth and depth of her personality. Aliya- thank you so much!! 😘✨

Alex C.

I recently did a vision board workshop with Aliya and I couldn’t recommend her more. She holds space for you and allows you to express yourself in a safe environment. It was really fun and I loved it so much, I’m going to continue working with her on my goals for this year!

Emily T.

What a surprisingly amazing time! Aliya is truly beautiful and inspiring person. I dare anyone to spend time with her and not come away smiling and feeling like they can fly 💕

Jo C.

Hi, I did a vision board workshop with Aliya and loved it. Aliya is welcoming, deep, and hilarious. The other participants were wonderful as well. Her classes definitely attract great people and Aliya’s guidance will give you the clarity to bring your visions to life. 10 out of 10 🙌💕

Angela S.


Four Houses Vision Board Technique

I will teach you to use a compartmentalization technique that I created in 2019. This technique allows you to focus on areas of your life such as Health, Connections, Dedication and Play as separate fields that interlock to create a balanced lifestyle.

The creative art of life design is a workshop that can take up to four hours, with a 7 day follow up program. Often the easy part of the exercise takes place on the first day. Then the real work begins: accepting the gifts that you have chosen to bring into your life. “Is it too good to be true?” or “Do I really deserve this? or “Can I really have everything I want?” are the questions that often arise. I will help you design your life as you wish it to be and I will also be available when you need a support for the adjustment period of time as you start to live as you designed.

Living your dreams can take a little bit of getting used to.

Set of 8 Mandalas Course

The creation of mandalas was the form of art therapy I used at my time working in private luxury rehabilitation clinics in southern Spain with addicts and mentally unwell guests. It was a way we could observe their subconscious in a non-judgmental way. Working through the colours of the rainbow, we are able to shift deep, often unknown issues to the surface of perception allowing them to surface and to be dealt with in a kind way.

Over the course of a few hours, I will guide you through the creation of several mandalas that will allow you to rest and observe your subconscious. I will help you deal with whatever arises and by the end of the course you will have “upgraded” your knowledge of your own feelings and you will have journeyed through several states of being. These sessions are helpful for anyone feeling “stuck” in life or are in search of a deeper understanding of themselves.


Art Sessions can take place online through a video telephone call, zoom session or google meet. These sessions are also available as part of a private retreat at my home in Loja. You can call me to check availability and prices.