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The Art of Touch, an introduction to massage for people that want to give and receive a loving kindness touch.

A short one day course for anyone that wants to learn the art of touch through massage.

Learn the basic principles of massage to apply to any style or type of massage.

Everyone accepted and Everyone welcome.

Bring about deep wellness in yourself and your loved ones.

The benefits of massage are countless. To connect with your friends, family, animals and your self through a loving touch is beautiful and can bring about deep wellness in yourself and your loved ones.

What people are saying about this course and the facilitator:

“Many times I’ve been asked to give a massage to friends, family or loved ones and I felt I didn’t know where to start.

Taking part in this course was like an eye opener for me. I learned about the energy that flows between the person that gives and the one that receives the massage. Massage is, beyond physical touch, about energy transfer, keeping and nourishing good energy and clearing negative energy. In our group we all were at times massage receivers and givers. The course was very well documented and Aliya answered all our questions with professionalism and calm.

Aliya is a good teacher giving clear explanations and engaging us in conversations around various topics regarding the course objectives….

…After this course I feel much more confident to give a massage to anyone that needs it and I won’t have again that feeling of not knowing where to start.

Thank you Aliya for such a beautiful experience.”

Matei M.

COST: Money should never be a barrier for access to education

NOTAFLOF – No One Turned Away For Lack Of Funds

DONATION – Pay as you feel / can, suggestion of €50 to €100